ON THE GREEN: Bargara Golf Club. Photo: File.
ON THE GREEN: Bargara Golf Club. Photo: File.

ABOVE PAR: Notes on region’s golfing performance


Chicken run

Fri 4th Sept: Women: May Wilson 35, Sandy Dawson, Elaine Kerr, Jan Thomas 36, Julie Blake 37: Men: Mal Santer 29, Ross Hunter, Allan Kerr, Rick Manuel 30, Dennis O'Brien, Don McKewen, Mick Dwyer 31, Steve Larsen, Russell Fisher 32, Graeme Brown 34


Sat 5th Sept: Comp: Stroke Monthly Medal Sponsored by East End Hotel: Nett Winners: Div 1: Dennis Bowman 69: Div 2: Barry Hunt 66: Div 3: Warner Banks 69: Div 4: Robert Edgar 70: R/Up: Div 1: Brandon Harvey 70: Div 2: Gary Klinstrom 68: Div 3: Jon Limpus 71:Div 4: Rick Manuel 71: Gross: Div 1: Mike Randall 74: Div 2: Malcolm Turner 83: Div 3: Warner Banks 88: Div 4: Robert Edgar 94: Rundown: K Drady 70, P Landon, K Warburton, W Jennings, G Lewis 71, B Durnford, M Lister, O May, B Scanlon 72, L McLaughlan, M Limb, R Kruger, A Butcher, A Scherer, T De Been, L Corley 73, R Brown, M Carney, S Leck (Wyn), B Ulcoq, M Elder, A Klinstrom 74, M Anderson, S Lindsay, J Daley, S Larsen, M Paul, W Coote, R Jackson, M Brett, J Paul, D King, B Philip, G Evans, Des Ryan, G Ezzy 75:

Sun 6th Sept: Comp: Stableford: Winner: Jason Smith (Vis) 40 Pts; R/Up: Peter Marschall 38 Pts: Rundown: M Anderson 35, M Horswood 34, A Harwood 32, M Reck (Vis), R Fisher, D Robinson (Vis) 31, I Burton, Des Ryan 30


Sat 5th Sept: Comp: Stroke Monthly Medal Sponsored by Inn Style Mensland: Winners: Div 1: Kathy Nelson 71: Div 2: Judy Grills 67: Gross: Div 1: Kathy Nelson 83: Div 2: Judy Grills 97: Putts: Kathy Nelson 24: Rundown: R Warren 70, F Lowe (Vis), J Burton 671, B Fitzgerald, J Poppelock 73, M Zande 74, B Scherer, J Thomas, M Bragg, D Hartfiel, A Salmon (Vis, G Collins, R Savidge, R Picot 76, M King, F Taylor, C Christensen 77, B Gatley, J Caflisch, A Donovan, B Charters, M Marsden, S Wake 78, A Elder, C Atherton, J Milton, J Johnson, Janet Beer 80

Sun 6th Sept: Comp: Stableford: Winner: Shirley Leacy 34 Pts: Rundown: Wendy Smith 33, Jackie Beer 32 Pts


Tues Sept 1st: Comp: Stableford Sponsored by Optical Superstore: Ladies: Winners: Div 1: Janet McLaughlan 36 Pts: Div 2: Fiona Weeks 40 Pts: Div 3: Jenny Hampson 37 Pts: R/Up: Div 1: Chris Algie 35 Pts: Div 2: Barbara Charters 34 Pts: Div 3: Rhonda Jago 36 Pts: Rundown: L Collins 36, F Taylor, M May 35, J Holmes, B Studholme, R Picot, C Mason, S Spaar, M King 34, M Bragg, D Pett (Vis), Janet Beer, S Leacy, L Stephens, J Williams 33: Men: Winners: Div 1: Gary Bland 43: Div 2: John See 38: Div 3: Allan Kerr 38: Div 4: Mike Dillon 41 Pts: R/Up: Div 1: Rod Kruger 39 Pts: Div 2: Brian Durnford 38 Pts: Div 3: Brian Head 35 Pts: Div 4: Brett Morris 35 Pts: Rundown: D Bowman, J Phillips 39, A Butcher 38, I Johnson, B Waddell, D King 37, G Cahill, M Haster, R Hunter 36, R Jackson, M Anderson, M Turnbull, G Bryen, I Bloom 35 Pts



Bundaberg & Rockhampton Ex ADF and Associates Social Golf Clubs

Date: Tuesday 1st Sep 2020

Venue: Bundaberg Golf Course

Game: Single Stableford

Winner of today's comp: Peter Schoch 41 pts on C/B

1st Runner Up: Graham Hampton 41 pts

2nd Runner Up: Mick Harvey 40 pts

3rd Runner Up: George Jeha 39 pts on C/B

4th Runner Up: Gordon Meaney 39 pts

Pin Shot: No 4 Graham Hampton: No 8 Paul Casey

Approach Shot: No 1 Ernie Steffen: No 18 Graham Hampton & Geoff Clark (Tie)

NAGA Award: Ernie Steffen 18 pts

Bundaberg & Rockhampton Ex ADF and Associates Social Golf Clubs

Date: Wednesday 2nd Sep 2020

Venue: Coral Cove Golf Course

Game: 2 Person Ambrose

Team Winners: Bundaberg won with 514.5 nett to Rockhampton 528.5 nett

Winner of today's comp: Paul Casey & Paul Hutchings 60 nett

1st Runner Up: Merv Johnson & Peter Schoch 61.25 nett

2nd Runner Up: Alex Grant & Col Baldwin 62.25 nett

3rd Runner Up: Jim Redshaw & Bob Punch 63.5 nett

4th Runner Up: Ian Prewett & Wally Benham 64.25 nett

Rocky's Best Score: Warren Fisher & Ernie Steffen 64.25 nett

Pin Shot: No 2 Wally Benham: No 10 Merv Johnson

Approach Shot: No 9 Ernie Steffen: No 18 Paul Casey

NAGA Award: Bruce Rogers & Bruce Harvey 74 nett

Bundaberg & Rockhampton Ex ADF and Associates Social Golf Clubs

Date: Thursday 3rd Sep 2020

Venue: Bundaberg Golf Course

Game: 4BBB Stableford

Winner of today's comp: Barry Fulton & Tony Burton 45 pts on C/B

1st Runner Up: George Jeha & Alex Grant 45 pts on C/B

2nd Runner Up: Darryl Dwyer, Bob Holmes & Col Beeton 45 pts

3rd Runner Up: Brian Hock & John Hay 43 pts

4th Runner Up: Warren Fisher & Col Baldwin 42 pts

Pin Shot: No 4 Leo Slager: No 2 not won

Approach Shot: No 9 Mick O'Brien: No 18 Jim Redshaw

NAGA Award: Norm Sendon & Mick Harvey 30 pts

Thanks to the 17 Rocky Golfers & Bus Driver Bruce Harvey for making the last 3 days very enjoyable. For the Bundy members: out next game will be played at the Bundaberg Golf Course next Wednesday the 9th Sep 2020 and it will be a single stroke & Putts round for our September Monthly Medal and the scores count as the last round of the Club Championships. The following week we will be on our Sunshine Coast Golf Trip so the remainder may play a Sweepstakes at Bundaberg if they want to organizing themselves to play at the Bundaberg Golf Course.




Legacy Charity Golf Day

Saturday September 5 the annual Bundaberg Legacy Inc. Charity Golf Day, stableford, our thanks to legacy for all they do, a big field of golfers played in the competition to support

the event.

Men's results: A grade Matt Doolan 40 points, B grade Trevor Collins 43; C Grade Nev Brauer 39 ocb; A grade runner-up Thomas Hall 38; B grade runner-up Keanu Stam 38; C grade runner-up Richard Hart 39; A grade 2nd runner-up Nick Hart 37 ocb; B grade 2nd runner-up Tim Olsen 37; C grade 2nd runner-up David Williamson 37 ocb; A grade 3rd runner-up Josh McEwan 36; B grade 3rd runner-up Alex Seaward 35; C grade 3rd runner-up Jim Redshaw 37 ocb. Men's rundown M Perks 37, K Stoddart, G Winterburn, P Giles 36; T Marrinan 35 ocb. Approach 3 M Doolan 0.11, Approach 18 W Peake 1.92, Straight drive G Lituri.

Ladies results: Division 1 winner Kate McFarlane 37; Division 2 Cheryl Wright 34; Division 1 runner-up Sue Brandon 37; division 2 runner-up Beth Dummer 34; division 1 2nd runner-up Miriam Newman 36 ocb; division 2 runner-up Donna Jorgensen 33; division 1 3rd runner-up Jill Marrinan 36 ocb; division 2 3rd runner-up Val Nixon 33. Ladies run-down, K Scotney 36, L Phillips, C Herrmann, R Lay, K Tischler 33. Ladies approach 17th J Marrinan 0.21; approach 18th L Phillips 1.13, straight drive M Hemsley.

Competitions this week-end; Saturday September 12 Monthly Medals for Ladies and Men, sponsored each month by Betta Home Living, Wade Abbott. Sunday September 13 open stableford medley.


Thursday stroke, September 3, winner Matt Doolan 69 nett runner-up Shane Olive 70. Consolations, K Pankhurst 71; P Giles 72; R Paul, M Janke 73; C Lutz 74; K Williams, L Fox, R Shield, B Foster 75; W Scott, M Perks, D Obst, K Thompson 76; R Ephraims, A Butcher, K Fourro, K Stoddart, D Turner, I Hazel 77; R Stratton, D Shaw 78. Pinshots, 4th C Lutz 2.34, R Paul, K Thompson 6.81. 8th L Fox 0.47, D Turner 1.65. 14th M Doolan 0.40, R Shield 0.90. Thursday September 10 stableford.


Tuesday September 1 stableford trophies by Averil Chalmers, Men's winner Nigel Dowling 38 ocb and Ladies Miriam Newman 36. Men's consolations, L Killer 38; D Hingston, P Menzies 37; W Dye, R Ezzy 36; K Stoddart, D Jackson, R Balhorn 35; G McCracken, K Jones 34; K Willmett 33; P Busch, P Ryan 32. Ladies consolations, K Tischler, D Rowley, C Elphinstone, H Davies, J Sharp 34; M Shailer 33 ocb. Men's pinshots, D Jackson 8.40, L Killer 10.95; 14th A Gees 2.54, R Balhorn 5.41. Approach 17th B Stewart in the hole, D Hingston, N Dowling, G Wilmott, P Hughes, L Killer, P Busch, B Mackinnon, B Dansey, A Gray, P Menzies, D Shaw 2.93. Ladies approaches, 4th H Davies 0.06, S Brandon, L Finsen, D Crowley, C Harrison, B Dummer 2.89; 8th D Rowley 1.72,M Price 1.80; 17th M Newman 0.75, B Dummer 2.30. To-day the competition is a stableford.




Results for Wednesday 2nd of September.

27 Members played a Stroke and Putt / Monthly Medal / 3rd Round of Matchplay event at Bundaberg Golf Course.

Monthly Medal Winner was Cheryl Hay with 64 Nett.

1st Runner-up : Peter Busch with 65 Nett.

2nd Runner-up : Peter Ryan with 67 Nett.

3rd Runner-up : John Fletcher with 68 Nett.

4th Runner-up: Les Stone with 68 Nett.

Winner of Putts was Valmai Mitchell with 29 putts.

Nearest the Pins:

Hole No. 4:- Chris Gilfoyle.

Hole No. 8:- Peter Busch.

Hole No. 14:- Rod Mac Innes.

Hole No. 17:- N/A.

Approach:- Rod Mac Innes.

Players going through to Round 4 of Matchplay are: John Fletcher, Cheryl Hay, Valmai Mitchell and John Steel.

This week the 9th, the Club will be playing a Single Stableford for Sharon Brady Day at Bundaberg Golf Course. Members are requested to register by 7:00am for a 7:30am Tee off.

Coral Sea Golf Club is a mixed social group and invites all players whether new, returning, or looking for a less competitive game, to join us. No AGU required. Visitors are most welcome. Please contact the Club Captain: Kevin Christensen on 0402 548 178 for more information.





18 Hole Stroke event played on Tuesday 1st September, 2020

Winner: John Norris 66

Rundown Scott Lucas, Len Josey 67, Wally Chillcott 68

Other Scores: WayneDigby 68, Bob Ross 70, Gary Kraatz 75, Bob Materna 78, Bruce McCormack, Adrian Porter 79, Joe Gough 83, Dave McKay 91, Luke Fullerton 97. Wes Young 99

Pin shot 7and 16: Wally Chillcott

Approach Shot 4 and 13: Gary Kraatz

Approach Shot 2 and 11: Gary Kraatz

Approach Shot 8 and 17: Wayne Digby

Least Putts Wayne Digby, Scott Lucas 26

Long Putt: Gary Kraatz


Results from 4B Aggregate stroke event (draw after) on Saturday 5th September, 2020

Winners: Drew Kitt and Jesse Findlay 141

Other Scores; David Travis and Rick Stehbens 144, Alan Porter and Dave McKay 152, Bob Materna and Scott Lucas 154, Dave Doyle and Joe Gough 155, Wayne Digby and Paul Stehbens 162, Bruce Walker and Paul Shyhun 170

Pin Shot 7 and 16: David Travis

Pin Shot 8 and 17: Dave Doyle

Long Putt: David Travis

Up coming events:

Friday 11th September, 2020 - 19th Hole BBQ Night - Bookings required

Saturday 12th September, 2020 - Stroke - Monthly Medal and Guzzlers Mug

Saturday 19th September - Ross McCarthy Memorial Day - 2 person Ambrose

Sunday 20th September, 2020: Mt Perry Mens and Ladies Open Day and Wide Bay Sand Green Championships.




Isis Golf Club Notes September 6th, 2020

Competitions coming up:

Tuesday, September 8th, Vets' Single Stableford, Hit Off 12:00 noon

Thursday, September 10th, Ladies' Canadian Foursomes, Hit Off 8:30 a.m.

Saturday, September 12th, IGA Sponsored Single Stableford, Hit Off 12:30 p.m.

Weekly competition results

Tuesday, September 1st, Vets' Single stableford

Division 1

Winner Niel Rieck 40 points

Runner Up Phil Luckett 39 points

Third Gary Gretton 38 points

Division 2

Winner Michael Stanton 38 points

Runner Up Laszlo Volgyesi 35 points C/B

Third Barry Steinke 35 points

Ladies' Division

Winner Helen Hannah 37 points C/B

Runner Up Chris Simpson 37 points

Third Helen Ricciardi 35 points C/B

Chook Run Winners

1. Phil Luckett 28 nett

2. Gary Gretton 29 nett

3. Harry Zawacki 30 nett

4. Kel Brodbeck 31 nett C/B

Thursday, September 3rd, Ladies' Single Stroke

Winner Pat Sheppard 71 nett

Runner Up Joan Wright 72 nett

Third Chris Simpson 73 nett

Fourth Vicki Wyeth 74 nett

Saturday, September 5th, Single Stroke

Men's Division

Winner Nigel Radin 65 nett

Runner Up Niel Tieck 66 nett

Third Kieth Rule 70 nett

Fourth Craig Reynolds 71 nett

Fifth Ray Walker 72 nett C/B

Ladies' Division

Winner Helen Ricciardi 74 nett

Runner Up Rae McCliskie 75 nett

Third Helen Hannah 78 nett

Fourth Merryn Henke 80 nett