A fable for the Covid-19 pandemic

The bad little piggy went to market.

The good little piggy stayed home.

The naughty piggy went visiting.

Good pigs talk over the phone.

Good pigs learn French and say 'wee, wee, wee', Watch TV and drink all alone.

Good little piggies stand distant

And wash their hands ten times a day,

Cough quietly into their elbows

And politely step out of your way.

Good little pigs never cough in your face Or try to engage in horseplay.

Bad little piggies cross borders.

They sneak out to camp in the park.

They hold parties and lie on the beaches, And swim when they're drunk after dark.

Bad little piggies break all the rules

And think it's a bit of a lark.

Corona loves bad little piggies

And so we'll all be bereft.

Corona is culling them ruthlessly.

Soon there won't be any left.

We'll miss those mad rampagers,

Their gladhanding and their mirth

When corona takes out all the sociable pigs And the hermits inherit the earth.

PS For all the pedantic children out there: the third little pig is in quarantine, OK?

Ian Hills, Bundaberg