Sex offender given reprieve for psychiatric help

A REGISTERED sex offender who was once caught standing naked outside the University of Southern Queensland has been given a reprieve from the courts in order to seek intensive help from a psychiatrist.

Andrew David Humphries appeared in the Brisbane District Court on Friday after parole authorities deemed him to be in breach of a suspended sentence and intensive probation order after a police raid on the place he was staying at.

Humphries was placed on the intensive probation order after being convicted in the Toowoomba Magistrates Court in 2010 for possessing child exploitation material.

Police, who raided his home in August last year, located a small amount of drugs and what they deemed to be naked pictures of children on his bedroom wall.

Defence barrister Janice Crawford told the court the pictures were actually posters of angles and cherubs purchased from a store in Brisbane.

She said there was nothing sexual whatsoever about the posters.

"His parole was suspended last week and he was taken into custody, for what I do not know, as they will not provide me with the details," she said.

Ms Crawford said Humphries suffered from a number of medical conditions stemming from a brain injury which occurred after being hit by a car while riding a bike.

She told the court he also suffered from severe depression.

Crown Prosecutor Katrina Overell told the court that the majority of Humphries offending was at the lower end of the spectrum.

She said the material that led to his initial conviction in 2010 was actually only pictures taken from a text book.

She said he had them on his phone when he was arrested on another unrelated matter.

Judge David Searles said Humphries needed medical help, not jail, to assist him in a number of mental health and medical issues.

"I do not care that Corrective Services think he is unsuitable for a community-based order," he said.

"I think they only said that because it just got too hard for them.

"The state needs to look after this man.

"I feel it would be unjust to activate the suspended sentence."

He strongly recommended parole authorities see to it that Humphries had access to psychiatric help.