New system set to streamline organ donations

A NEW national clinical information system is expected to streamline organ and tissue donation processes across Australian hospital networks.

The DonateLife Electronic Donor Record, which this month replaced the manual paper-based record system, will provide real-time access to essential information about organ donors from the donor referral, organ offer, donor management and organ retrieval processes.

Federal Assistant Minister for Health Fiona Nash said the DonateLife Electronic Donor Record was an important step forward to improve information gathering and sharing between hospitals.

"The system will expedite the process of the allocation and assessment of the viability and suitability for organ and tissue acceptance," Minister Nash said.

The EDR makes comprehensive donor referral data, medico-social history and family consent information readily available for transplant units and donation co-ordination specialists in a consistent format.

In 2013, 1122 Australian transplant recipients benefited from the generosity of 391 deceased organ donors and their families who supported their decision to become organ donors.

More than 5000 Australians received corneal or tissue transplants from tissue donors last year.

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