Israel leafleted Gaza to warn of impending missile attacks

THE residents of Gaza were warned of what to expect.

In messages delivered by leaflet, voicemail and text messages to those living in the besieged coastal enclave, Israel said there would be another onslaught; another escalation in a direct response to the killing of an Israeli child hours before.

Four-year-old Daniel Tregerman became the first Israeli child to be killed near Gaza on Friday.

On Saturday, Israel carried out renewed air strikes as dozens of militants fired rockets into the Jewish state.

The Israeli army said it was preparing to attack "terrorists and terror infrastructure", telling Palestinians to stay away from areas where rockets were being fired into Israel.

The boy, who was to be buried at 9am local time on Sunday, was the first Israeli child to die, but Unicef says more than 460 children have been killed in Gaza from the Israeli bombardment during the six-week war.

Health officials in Gaza said five people, reportedly members of the same family - including two children aged three and four - were killed in an Israeli strike on a house in central Gaza on the weekend.

The Israeli military said it bombed about 20 targets.

With no end in sight to the deadliest violence between the sides in years, Egypt attempted to restart the ceasefire talks, but with little apparent success. - INM