Failure to tell partner about HIV infection lands man in jail

A MAN'S decision not to tell a Sydney sex partner he was HIV positive, has landed him in jail for at least three years and changed the lives of two others forever.

Chris Muronzi, 44, knew he was infected and was aware he had a legal responsibility to say so, when he repeatedly had unprotected sex with his girlfriend, the NSW District Court heard.

His victim not only contracted the disease herself, but went on to unknowingly infect her new boyfriend.

Her doctors informed her of the diagnosis months after she and Muronzi had parted ways in 2002.

During a sentencing hearing earlier this year, the Herald reported that the woman had told the court she classified the impact on her life as a "10 on the scale" and even though a decade had passed since her diagnosis, she was still dealing with the shock of being landed with something that could have been prevented.

Muronzi was charged with maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Judge Penelope Hock said that even without the victim's impact statement, it was not hard to understand the "devastating impact" Muronzi's behaviour must have had on the woman.

Muronzi was sentenced to four and a half years jail.

He will be eligible for parole in September, 2016.