Australian medical professionals training to fight Ebola

AUSTRALIAN medical professionals are being trained to respond to an Ebola outbreak in case it spreads to the South Pacific region.

Health practitioners from across Australia and New Zealand are currently undergoing highly-specialised training in Darwin with more than 100 expected to undergo additional training in the coming months.

The training forms part of the National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre's preparations to combat the disease should it take hold in the Asia-Pacific region.

United States President Barack Obama, talking in Brisbane ahead of the G20 Wold Leaders Summit, said no country was immune to the spread of Ebola.

He used his speech at the University of Queensland to warn against trying to close borders and shut out those from affected countries.

"We cannot build a moat around our countries and we should not try," he said.

G20 leaders released a statement on Ebola at the weekend saying they are committed to doing what is necessary to control the spread of the disease and address its economic and humanitarian costs.

"We are deeply concerned about the Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone and saddened by the suffering and loss of life it is inflicting," the statement said.

"G20 members are committed to do what is necessary to ensure the international effort can extinguish the outbreak and address its medium-term economic and humanitarian costs."