Abbott takes a second shot at killing the Carbon Tax

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott is preparing to make the destruction of the carbon tax the first jobs of the new Senate, as he reintroduced a bill "abolishing the carbon tax in full" to the House of Representatives.

Mr Abbott is pushing for the tax to be dismantled by July 1, ending the need for the government compensation related to the tax in the new financial year.

The Prime Minister said scrapping the tax would bring down power prices and reduce bureaucracy.

"It reduces to the cost of living, it makes jobs more secure and it improves the competitive position of our country," Mr Abbott said in Parliament on Monday.

"Why would anyone be against that?

"Repealing the carbon tax is what the employers and job providers of Australia wants now."

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten - speaking at a Canberra school on Monday - said the Labor Party would support repealing the carbon price "on the basis it was replaced by an effective policy".

"I don't think anyone thinks that this smelly bag of fish called the Direct Action policy, a multi-billion dollar boondoggle by the Abbott Government just to hide the fact that they're climate sceptics, satisfies anyone," he said.

"How in good conscience, when we meet these lovely little children today, how can we say to them in the years to come, that we were in a parliament that did nothing about climate change?"

Clive Palmer's party will share the balance of power in the Senate from July 1.

Mr Palmer on Monday called for the dumping of the government's proposed Direct Action policy, describing it as a token gesture that pleased noone.