WE ARE FAMILY: Lisa Steinhardt, Andrew Gerry, Trevor Steinhardt, Janelle Gerry and Kevin Steinhardt.
WE ARE FAMILY: Lisa Steinhardt, Andrew Gerry, Trevor Steinhardt, Janelle Gerry and Kevin Steinhardt.

60+ POSITIONS: Bundy... the $100k land of opportunity

BUSINESS in Bundaberg can often be viewed in a negative light.

For a city that has historically battled high unemployment rates, what is often overlooked are the long-standing companies that have generated great success and jobs in the region.

Bundaberg has a number of well-established businesses whose continued dealings within the economy have seen increased growth.

Austchilli, Bundaberg Sugar, Greensill's, Bundaberg Rum, Santalucia, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks and Best Practice are just a few of the homegrown big-hitters.

Data sourced from seek.com.au yesterday showed more than 60 positions available that offered six-figure salaries in the region.

The positions were across a number of different industries including manufacturing, accounting, management, communications, healthcare, agriculture, law, real estate, and technology.

Another Bundaberg-born business that just last year celebrated 60 years in operation is Macadamia's Australia.

The family-run success have four jobs on offer, all paying salaries of $100,000 or more.

Positions advertised include a national business development and sales manager, a commercial law manager, an operations manager and they are now recruiting for a chief financial officer.

Co-director and finance manager Janelle Gerry said Bundaberg really was a land of opportunity when it came to employment opportunities and bringing professionals to the region.

"I think it's great to demonstrate the diversity of the industry and the level of expertise that's required in the industry," Mrs Gerry said.

"There is really a lot of opportunity in the industry for both tertiary and non-tertiary positions. These jobs that we are advertising for are to position us for our growth plans that are currently underway."

Mrs Gerry noted growth was evident in a number of industries, not just agriculture.

"We have a lot of innovation in the industry in Bundaberg," she said

"We have a lot of entrepreneurship and are always on the cutting edge of technology, and we are looking to employ specialist staffing to assist with the growth."

The construction of Macadamia's Australia's new processing and tourism facility is estimated to bring a further 95 jobs to the region.

"We also have a number of middle-management positions," Mrs Gerry said.

"What we're doing now is part of that development for new growth."

The multi-million dollar facility is predicted to reach completion mid next year.

Mrs Gerry said there were many long-established family businesses that employed locals and contributed considerably to the economy.

"The fact is not only is there a lot going on in our industry, but Bundaberg has such a diverse economy. It provides a lot of opportunity for the region," she said.

Not only is the jobs pool a great opportunity for long-standing residents or newcomers, but the lifestyle on offer in Bundaberg was also an attractive one.

"It's important that we do deliver that message to prospective employees," Mrs Gerry said.

"Bundaberg is not only a wonderful opportunity for one's career, but a wonderful place to live. We are very passionate about our region and it's a place where you really can have that work, life balance.

"We're just so fortunate, we have a great climate, we're close to beaches, we can offer great career opportunities, and I think more and more people are looking for that balance."

Chamber of Commerce president Yale Morgan said any growth that brought jobs was a positive.

"Bundaberg is a bit of a hidden gem," Mr Morgan said.

"Small to medium business really is the backbone of our region as far as employment and economic growth, but when we see a larger business look to expand, then we see a very healthy increase in investment within the community."

Mr Morgan said the flow-on effect would mean more money would circulate within the region.

"From a chamber point of view we're very positive about economic growth in the region," he said.

"It's a great place to live and play."