50 Cent: I'm a 'target' because I make money

50 CENT thinks he's a "target" because he has money.

The 'In Da Club' hitmaker slammed the "system" after he was called to court to explain photos posted online, which appeared to show him with a lot of money, despite filing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last year.

Writing on his Instagram page, he shared: "The system is so messed up, the law applies differently to people based on the personal perception of them. It's amazing how bad it is it's sad. #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #thisimageiscourtapporved ...

"When you make money you become a target. Not only by people who feel there competitors, but by system it self. The lawyers take someone's case to go after your hard earned money pro bono. #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #thisimageiscourtapporved (sic)"

Meanwhile, the 40-year-old rapper - real name Curtis James Jackson III - previously told a court the money in his social media photographs is fake and just a promotional prop for his range with EFFEN Vodka.

He said: "As a hip-hop artist and entertainer, it is imperative that I continue to project aspirational goals of success in order to preserve my brand and those I represent.

"What I say and what I do on social media has a direct impact on my music sales and the viewership on my television shows."