Northstar Medical Centre: Dr Hussain Anjun and Dr Mohammad Al-Ahmad.
Northstar Medical Centre: Dr Hussain Anjun and Dr Mohammad Al-Ahmad. Mike Knott BUN150819MED3

200 patients in 8 days: New medical surgery a big hit

WHEN you speak to Dr Hussain Anjun, it is clear this is a man who has a real passion for medicine and wants to make a difference to his patients.

Inspired by his own mother who was a doctor in the army, Dr Anjun said he started studying medicine because he wanted that same look of satisfaction she had every day from her work.

"For me it is as simple as lives matter and medicine never feels like work for me; it has been an inspiring, surprising and sometimes humbling journey but one that I am always keen to keep going on,” he said.

Opening the Northstar Medical Centre in the IGA Shopping Centre complex in Moore Park Beach this month, Dr Anjun, with the support of Dr Mohammad Al-Ahmad, has seen more than 200 patients in a matter of eight days, showing there is a clear need in the area.

He opened the centre to give residents at Moore Park Beach its surrounds access to quality medical services including skin cancer detection and removal close to home without having to travel.

"At Northstar Medical Centre we want to provide a very thorough and individualised service for our clients because it is about working with the patient to get results on their journey to health,” he said.

"We are continuing to build up the practice through new equipment and services and the response has been very positive.

"I myself am doing ongoing studies in the area of reconstructive facial surgery as I believe this is an area that will benefit my patients.

"Moore Park Beach is a truly beautiful place to work and I appreciate being able to take a moment out of my day at lunch time and enjoy a sandwich overlooking the ocean and sharing it with my family too.”

Looking to the future, Dr Anjun and Dr Al-Ahmad welcome patients to visit Northstar Medical Centre and speak to them in regards to their health care needs with bulk billing available for all children, pensioners and health care card holders.