Lennox Head family Mark, Nic and their daughters Jasmine and Emily, are the subject of the documentary Meet The Wallers.
Lennox Head family Mark, Nic and their daughters Jasmine and Emily, are the subject of the documentary Meet The Wallers.

18 years, one family, one bloody amazing documentary

HAVE you met the Wallers?

Meet the Wallers is an upcoming feature documentary about artist Mark Waller, his wife Nic, their two daughters, and their daily life in Lennox Head.

The project has followed the family more than 18 years, and recently received a share of $1.3 million funding from Screen Australia.

The film touches on themes such as parenting, artistic ambition, depression and other health issues.

Meet the Wallers was directed and produced by Brisbane filmmaker Jim Stevens (The Bilby Brothers), written and produced by Petrie Street Pictures' Gil Scrine (A Thousand Miles from Care), and executive produced by Trish Lake (Wik Vs Queensland).

Mr Stevens said this film was a very personal and important project to complete, after 18 years on the making.

"I was inspired by Mark Waller painting," he said.

"(But) I met her (his wife, Nic) first before I met Mark. I sat next to her at a conference.

"She showed me a photo of one of his paintings and I thought that was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I thought, 'there is a story here'. And there was. That was in Sydney around 2001."

Warning: adult themes and graphic language

The director said he had no original intention to film for almost two decades.

"I never realised how wonderful this project would be, I just had to keep going, I couldn't get any benefit from it personally but I love this people and could not stop," he said.

"These people are tremendous individuals.

"They are more than friends."

The filmmaker saw the Wallers for a final shoot on the Northern Rivers two months ago.

"I got some beautiful footage from both of them," he said.

Mr Stevens said he was hoping to show the film in Lennox Head sometime soon.

"I'd love to show it in Lennox, the art community from Lennox are the most brilliant thing on this film, it's a collection of people who love to be creative," he said.

Head of Documentary at Screen Australia, Bernadine Lim, was pleased of unveiling the list of documentaries funded by the organisation.

"The projects in this slate not only shine a light on social issues but also offer a number of personal experiences and family stories that I'm confident will inspire important conversations," she said.

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