1600 people potentially exposed to netball COVID case


Dozens of people who were potentially near a parent who attended a Brisbane netball match while infected with coronavirus are being contacted to warn them.

About 1600 people, mostly spectators, were at the Western districts Netball Association home grounds in Graceville in the inner-west on August 22 at the time.

WDNA senior vice-president, Paula Sale, said the parent's children had since tested negative.

They had felt well in the morning but later in the day, after leaving the grounds, began to get sick.

"At any one time there would have been about 800 people there but but the spectator was there across two rounds, so one lot left and another came,'' Ms Sale said.

"So about 1600 people all up were here between 8.20am and 10am when the spectator was here.

"We have identified the 12 teams nearby and the public health unit contacted us today (Thursday) to say they have identified the people they will, or would like to, contact.''

The spectator was believed to have stayed near court 15.

Queensland Health attracted criticism from parents after initially posting the wrong date in its advisory about the case, saying the spectator had been at the grounds on August 21.


Players and spectators at one part of the Graceville netball courts on the day.
Players and spectators at one part of the Graceville netball courts on the day.


The WDNA has cancelled all training and matches until September 4, at this stage, as a precaution and to allow deep cleaning.

A HAZMAT team would be on site today (Friday, August 28) to cleanse the canteen, administration block and courts.

Some residents commented on the WDMA Facebook page and on a private messenger group that they had observed people breaking social distancing rules.

"We were commenting on the lack of social distancing from parents since the cluster at the detention centre, so fingers crossed

But Ms Sale the claims and that the self-serve canteen was a potential risk.

She said they had "COVID cops'' on duty at the canteen to ensure people sanitised hands before and after retrieving food from fridges and enclosed storage areas.



Announcements about social distancing were regularly made on the loudspeakers system, members of the executive moved around the grounds to enforce social distancing and there were regular reminders on its social media.

"We had procedures in place to act quickly. We got our list of teams to the public health unit very quickly and Netball Queensland had details of spectators (who checked in with the EVA tracing app) to us in 15 minutes,'' Ms Sale said.

She said it was not possible to force everyone to use the app, but WDNA encouraged its community to do so.



Originally published as 1600 people potentially exposed to netball COVID case