WE LOVE them to death, but sometimes you really just want to squish their face between your palms and shout a string of profanities.

While women are well aware men struggle with multi-tasking and putting down the toilet seat, there is a pretty long list that follows when you ask one 'what else annoys you about your husband?'.

That's what we asked our Mummas, and here's what they said (plus a few more because we couldn't help ourselves).

1. MELTOPIA: He has far too many showers - at least three a day. He works in a very dirty environment, so I understand he is used to that, but I am all water-wise and here he is having three showers a day - or more!

2. GISELA: My husband doesn't wash his hair and when he does he uses a pea size amount of shampoo to do it!

3. DEE: He's so nice it's sickening. And he is always playing good cop, so I am the bad cop.

4. KATIE: He takes what the kids say to him to heart when they really don't mean what they say, they're just being grumpy kids.

5. SUSIE: He is so calm and logical all the time. If I am home all day with the kids and start to get burnt out, he comes home and is all cheery and I'm just like 'RAAHH!'

6. MELTOPIA: He moves things randomly because he doesn't think it belongs there, so then I come home and can't find it. Because he works away, when he comes home I have to tell him 'this is my rig, things go where I want them to go'.

APN Hey Mummy Feature for online - stock images of Meltopia Grandelis . Photo Marc Stapelberg / The Northern Star
Meltopia Grandelis of Ipswich says her husband's tendency to have three or more showers a day drives her up the wall! Marc Stapelberg

7. GISELA: He'll make me aware when he has done a chore, instead of just doing it like he should.

8. MELTOPIA: He is a terrible driver so I just refuse to hop in the car when he is driving.

9. DEE: He works too much.

10. You leave the house in the morning with it looking sparkling clean, only to come home and think the RAAF has dropped bombs in your living room… And he's just sitting there having a beer, totally oblivious to the fact.

11. When it's his turn to cook dinner, but he doesn't start cooking until you get home, secretly hoping you'll get in and help out. Why can't it be ready on the table when we walk in the door?

12. You try get him on board for a health and fitness challenge. "Yeah sure, dear, I am totally on board," he says as he reaches back into the bag of salt and vinegar chips.

13. He refuses to read the instructions on how to construct your new furniture, and as soon as you pipe up with 'no, this is 2A', you're instantly the bad guy.

14. When you need to wear reef shoes around the house in fear of standing on his toenail clippings he conveniently leaves on the floor.

15. Excessive mowing and whipper-snipping on a Saturday morning before 7am. C'mon, it's hardly grown a millimetre since last week!

Relate? We thought so. But hey, there is probably a list just as long they would write about wives (or not)…

Don't even think about it, gents.