'Freak incident' as powerline falls near primary school

UPDATE, 5.20PM: ERGON Energy is working to reinstate power to 47 homes in the Andergrove vicinity after a large eucalyptus tree fell on powerlines at a school earlier this afternoon.

Senior Corporate Communications Adviser Emma Oliveri said power was isolated to 1240 residents in the Andergrove, Beaconsfield and Blacks Beach areas at 2.51pm for public safety.

Ms Oliveri said most homes were reconnected by about 3.40pm and they expected the remaining 47 to be back on about 9pm.

She said while the powerlines that fell on Fernleigh Ave were low voltage, "any powerline was dangerous" and she urged members of the public to report any fallen powerlines to emergency services. 

"If people see fallen powerlines they should stay well away, at least 10m, warn others in the area and call 000". 

UPDATE 3.45PM: A large eucalyptus gum tree has fallen down on top of powerlines and the fence of Andergrove State School along Fernleigh Ave in Andergrove.

Sergeant Luke Jackson said police received the report at 2.41pm.

"A tree's just collapsed for whatever reason and it's taken down the power line."

Sgt Jackson said no one was injured in the "freak incident".

"If it happened after 3pm it might have been a different story".

Opposite the road, Andergrove resident Robert Stevenson said the falling tree made a cracking sound before it crashed down.

"We flew from out the back to see what it was," Mr Robertson said.

A powerline has fallen near Andergrove State School. Picture: Heidi Petith
A powerline has fallen near Andergrove State School. Picture: Heidi Petith

"We saw the smoke coming out of the leaves but it didn't last long."

Mr Robertson said there were at least four other trees on the school grounds he had concerns over.

"I've been going on at the grounds man, these trees have to go," he said.

"If all of the kids were out the back on sports day, what would happen?

"They're gum trees, they're self-pruning.

"This one's pruned itself right to the ground."

Mr Robertson said four cars had driven under the dangling powerlines as well as "dumb" high school students who had walked under them and close to the fallen gum.

The Education Department has been contacted for comment. 

INITIAL: More than 1300 Andergrove residents have lost power due to a fallen line near Andergrove State School.

An Ergon Energy spokeswoman said the power had been turned off for 1340 customers for public safety reasons.

She said the power would be turned back on when crews deemed the area safe.

A Queensland Police spokesman said crews were on scene while a Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokeswoman said crews were on their way.

More to come.