13 eerie tales of the supernatural

THERE have been many people coming to us over the years to share their frightening tales, here are just a few...

1. Spirit haunts Gladstone-Benarby Rd

In 2015 we reported on myriad sightings of a ghostly woman walking along Gladstone Benarby Rd.

"On the corner just before boat ramp I saw a woman, dark hair, white shirt, black bottoms on side of road," a woman said.

"As I got closer she disappeared. I was trying to look for her and heard swishing noises against the back of my seat.

"As I looked in my rear vision mirror, I saw a figure in my back seat."

The road was shut down at one stage after police received numerous accounts of a woman walking along the highway sobbing.

Police did see a woman, but by the time they turned around, she was gone.

2. Readers' road ghost tales

Readers took to Facebook to share tales of vanishing men and a ghostly motorbike on the Ring Road.

3. Rub a dub dub, one ghost in the tub

When three holidaymakers posed for a photo in a spa, they could never have guessed a fourth would appear in the photo.

Readers debated whether the mystery guest was just bubbles, or something more supernatural.

Teena Fleetwood enjoys a relaxing spa with her daughter, her daughters husband and a ghostly apparition.
Teena Fleetwood enjoys a relaxing spa with her daughter, her daughters husband and a ghostly apparition. Contributed

4. Lady in blue says hi

Last year, grey nomad ghost busters John and Deborah Christopher investigated the Old Railway Hotel, Mackay.

The duo claim to have heard a little girl's squeal and received a flash on an electromagnetic detector when they asked if the "blue lady" was present.

5. UFO accounts pour in, then stop 

The year 2013 was intergalactic for Bundaberg.

Around January, scores of readers had approached us to talk about their sightings and encounters with UFOs in the region.

Everyday people came forward to talk about green balls and chrome coloured spheres haunting them in the night sky.

Within a short time, the glut of sightings went away just as quickly as they came.

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6. Hauntings all over the place

Readers told us all about the strange things that had been happening to them, including women walking into yards only to vanish, the famous tale of Luke the Spook in Childers and eerie voices telling people to "get out" of buildings.

7. A walk down memory lane

In 1934, there were reports of a bunyip with "gleaming eyes" in the Burnett River and in 1954, a UFO was seen over Alloway.

8. Yowies investigated

In 2012 we reported on yowie investigators heading to the NSW Northern Rivers district after numerous sightings of strange hairy men in the forest.

The mysterious creatures are believed to live around Lismore and Casino.

Mulgowie Yowie. Photo: Contributed
Mulgowie Yowie. Photo: Contributed Contributed

9. Pilot can't explain sighting

A seasoned commercial pilot and self-confessed sceptic snapped a photo of a UFO over the Sunshine Coast.

He said there was nothing in his knowledge that could explain what he saw.

"I thought it had the characteristics of an object that could fly and I was curious as to what the lights were," he said.

10. Ghost communicating, or just a coincidence?

Ghost investigators took to the Apple Tree Creek Memorial Hall after several reports of ghostly activity.

An echovox was used in the hunt for ghosts and investigators believe the sounds may be that of a spirit.

MEMORIAL HALL: The Memorial Hall at Apple Tree Creek. Photo: Simon Young / NewsMail
MEMORIAL HALL: The Memorial Hall at Apple Tree Creek. Photo: Simon Young / NewsMail Simon Young BUN200913CHI11

11. Ghost child in photo

A photo taken at Lockyer Creek gave a family a chill after the image of a child apparently appeared in their photo.

"...if you have a closer look at this photo there are quite a few extra faces in the water," said Jessie Lu, who was one of the non-ghostly people in the pic.

12. Family haunted in home

When a four-year-old says he has a friend in the house called Santa, most parents would think it's harmless imaginary fun... until an entity walks into your room and leaves you paralysed on your bed.

13. Demons living in home?

It made international news when a police captain in the US admitted he believed there were hundreds of demons living in a house... and a police department image of the house seems to back up their theory.

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