Most readers are defending their choice to eat meat.
Most readers are defending their choice to eat meat. Cathy Adams

10 things our readers have to say about vegan activists

BUNDABERG people are on fire.

It's become one of the biggest talking points in the country - vegans storming farms and anything to do with the animal industry.

There have been claims of threats to people in animal-based industries and the actions follow the release of an interactive map in January detailing the locations of animal industries, even in the Bundaberg region.

When we shared an opinion piece on the issue to Facebook, a number of people commented online.

These are 10 of the comments readers made:

Three month old goats at a farm at Toogoom.
Three month old goats at play. Precious to some, delicious to others. Alistair Brightman

1. Where's the law?

Sheldon Pearson said there was no place for extremist vegan or animal rights groups.

"They should be held accountable, trespass and theft is illegal, isn't the stealing of livestock called rustling and are there not still tough laws around this?” Sheldon said.

"Like all extremists they are bullying and trying to force others into the same beliefs as them, it's no different to any other extremist group, including religions ones.”

Oaklands Brangus.
Cows, friends or food? Allan Reinikka ROK210917abrangus

2. Investigate their fridges

Ken Wilson was calling for more answers.

"Can a news crew please visit some of these vegan protesters unannounced and film what is in their fridges?”

ABS statistics show cattle and sheep slaughters are much higher than last year.
Some readers say it's their right to eat meat while others say they don't have a choice. Michael Nolan

3. Don't let them off lightly

Mick Brennan said "activists who trespass or damage property need to face the full force of the law and don't let some magistrate let them off with a slap on the wrist”.

"Don't care that they are vegan, but they need to respect my wishes to eat animals,” he said.

Bernadette and Paul Harrison's chook and her new baby chickens, along with their goat Gloria, havebeen living on their veranda for the duration of the flood. The chickens hatched on the day the water entered the backyards of Brushgrove residents. Photo JoJo Newby / The Daily Examiner
The debate has become a bit of a rotten egg among those who want to eat meat and those who label the practice barbaric. JoJo Newby

4. We need to talk about change

Tyna Faddy said she believed it was time for a discussion on animal rights.

"Not vegan but I support a lot of what these folks are trying to express,” she said.

"We need some changes... fast.”

Eating Vegan is not as scary as it sounds to us omnivores.
Eating vegan is presented as a healthy alternative to meat, but some disagree. Tanya Easterby

5. Don't force others to change

Lorraine Wilkinson said "each to their own, but don't push beliefs on other people by breaking the law and fundamental human rights.”

BEEF 2018.
Beef? More like best friend. Allan Reinikka ROK120518abeef12

6. Doing more harm than good

Hayley Jade McMillan said the activists were going about things the wrong way.

"They have reason to be angry, but you won't get anyone to join your cause by acting like that,” she said.

"Education is key otherwise people are going to dismiss everything you say and brush you off as crazy just like the media are doing right now.”

CATTLE SALE: Numbers reduced and prices increased at sale yards across southwest Queensland.
Vegans have been targeted the animal agriculture sector. Madeline Grace

7. What about the humans?

Ash Fort says: "imagine stealing cows whilst wearing your favourite pairs of shoes that were made from human slave labour. There's huge corporations covering up sweatshop deaths from being overworked and beaten but hey, they're saving the cows right?”

A Freestone dariy farmer confronted vegan activists at hist property this morning.
A Freestone dairy farmer confronted vegan activists at his property. Contributed

8. No fan of vegans

Ben Sanders doesn't mince words talking about how he feels about vegans.

"Vegans are nothing but a parasitic pest that do nothing but suck the life blood out of our economy by sitting on the dole, whinge that we destroy the earth yet don't contribute to any real action to change the process of these so-called problems,” he said.

This season Bruce Routledge has about 250 goats on his farm.
Some view meat as murder. Madeline Grace

9. Let people eat what they want to

Helen Robinson said it was unfair to annoy others over what they ate.

"So totally disgusted by people targets other people's personal choice,” she said.

"My daughter lives every day with the fear of dying for eating food she is allergic to.

"Vegan isn't an option for her. Nuts allergic, legumes allergic, vegetables allergic to some, fruits allergic to some. Allergic to a vegetable protein.”

Police begin to remove and arrest Vegan protesters  that have shut down a major Melbourne intersection, Flinders St and Swanston St, causing peak-hour traffic havoc for commuters in the CBD. Pictures: Tony Gough
Police begin to remove and arrest vegan protesters that have shut down a major Melbourne intersection, Flinders St and Swanston St, causing peak-hour traffic havoc for commuters in the CBD. Tony Gough

10. Arrest them

Judith Hopwood had some strong words.

"Imagine if they were targeting mosques,” she said.

"These people are terrorists and should be arrested.”