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Date listed: 4/9/2019

Molino Stewart is an environmental consulting company with expertise in all aspects of environmental and ecological assessment, plus flood, bushfire & natural hazard consulting.

In fact we are recognised as world leaders in flood and natural hazard consulting and are regularly asked to present information from an Australian perspective at international conferences for thought leaders in our industry.

Australia wide, clients choose us as preferred environmental consultants because of our policy of ensuring the close personal involvement of senior professionals on every job we do. 

We help a wide range of private clients navigate the many and varied environmental, ecological and natural hazard challenges they face with their development planning and applications processes, so they can achieve their desired objectives in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly manner. In short we help clients get the approvals they need in the most cost effective manner possible. We also help local government clients with planning and reporting on their environmental obligations.

Our policy of involving senior staff on all the jobs we do is important because it means that all the engineering, science and potentially contentious or sensitive environmental and ecological issues associated with any development are properly understood and accounted for at the start of your project.

This means the approval processes, stakeholder interests and any other issues that need to be managed sensitively, are identified up front and dealt with, which increases the likelihood of you obtaining development approvals and having your jobs proceed as planned. 

Believe us when we say this, it is far better to anticipate and properly manage environmental issues at the start of the development process, rather than overlook them, because when they crop up later, they inevitably interrupt site works, and the holding costs and work delays caused as a result rapidly escalate, adding unnecessary and completely avoidable cost to your development.

But with our senior staff involved at the outset, things are flagged up front and you are given options on how to ensure they are handled properly, which ultimately saves you time and money. We repeat, there are few things more costly in a development than unforeseen delays caused by unidentified issues that nine times out of ten could have been foreseen, planned for and therefore handle far more efficiently, from both a time and cost perspective.

So, if you are you developing land and require ecological, environmental, or flood consulting services, we provide them Australia wide, and can also help with Bushfire planning and consulting, including all aspects of bushfire assessments from issuing of Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) certificates through to developing alternative solutions for high bushfire risk developments.

If you’d like to progress your development or building project in the most cost effective and time efficient manner, and need expert advice to help with obtaining approvals.

Suite 3, Level 1, 20 Wentworth St,, Parramatta 2150

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